FogNetworks offers a variety of Transport services ranging from L2, last-mile to Waves.


iFog GmbH offers leased lines and L2 Transport between its POPs in Zürich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Oslo ranging from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s. Our L2 Transport Services can be delivered as a VLAN on an XC in any on-net location or as a VLAN to VPS, Colocation or Dedicated Server. 100Mbit/s L2 starts at CHF 42.-/mo cross country and from CHF 20.-/m within country.

In addition, we also offer Metro L2 and Dark Fiber Transport between more than 20 data centers in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, UK and the Netherlands.

Last mile FTTH and DSL circuits are available in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

WDM Waves are available in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

If you want to get a custom quote for L2, FTTH, DSL or Dark Fiber Quote, contact us: