IP Transit

IP Transit


iFog Gmbh operates its own IP Backbone under AS34927. We can provide your Network with high-quality IPv4 and IPv6 Transit in Europe and North-America. IPv4 and IPv6 Transit over IXPs starts at CHF 10.-/m (flat fee, fair-use) Order here

IP Transit is available at the following Locations: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Oslo, Zurich, Barcelona, Kansas, Fremont, Houston, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore.

If you want to learn more about our IP Transit offers, contact us: info@ifog.ch

DDoS Protection

iFog GmbH offers DDoS Protection for BYIP and BGP Custimers in various locations. Protection can can be delivered on a VLAN in any on-net location or over GRE.

If you want to get an DDoS Protection Quote, contact us: info@ifog.ch

Direct BGP Session with T1s and T2s

Resold BGP IP Transit sessions with Cogent, RETN, Telia, GTT, DTAG, Hurricane Electric, and Liberty Global are available in mutliple locations, upon request in any of our on-net locations.

Cogent IP Transit sessions are available in Zurich, Kansas, Barcelona and Amsterdam starting from CHF 44.-/month.Traffic is billed on the 95th for 0.50 CHF, contact us: info@ifog.ch
RETN IP Transit sessions are available in Frankfurt starting from CHF 37.-/month. Traffic is billed on the 95th for 0.90 CHF. (Order here).
Telia IP Transit sessions are available in Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona and Frankfurt starting from CHF 25.-/month + 70 setup, contact us: info@ifog.ch




IP Transit Ordering

Basic IP Transit

--10Mbit/s 95th: CHF 10.-/mo
--50Mbit/s 95th: CHF 35.-/mo
--100Mbit7s 95th CHF 60.-/mo

We support RJ45 Crossconnects, fiber Crossconnects, or VLANs, depending on facility.

Order Fremont Transit

If you want to get a Quote on GTT, Telia, DTAG, Liberty Global or Hurricane Electric, contact us: info@ifog.ch
Discounts are available on higher commits.