Public Roadmap

This Public Roadmap is an indicator of what is planned on our network for the foreseeable future. It may not constitute a promise or definitive list and we may modify, move, or remove plans at any time at our discretion.


πŸ”œ -Additional metro capacity in Zurich
βœ… -Additional Colocation space in Zurich
βœ… -Additional Tier-1 IP Transit in Zurich - done, 14.9.23

πŸ”œ -New core network Frankfurt
πŸ”œ -Additional compute capacity in Frankfurt
βœ… -Additional L2 FRA <-> ZRH - done 9.23
βœ… -New L2 FRA <-> LON - done 9.23

πŸ”œ -New L2 LON <-> AMS
πŸ”œ -Additional compute capacity in Amsterdam
πŸ”œ -Dedicated Servers Amsterdam

πŸ”œ -Dedicated Servers Barcelona
βœ… -New Colocation space in Barcelona done 9.23
βœ… -New redundant Tier-1 IP Transit in Barcelona done 9.23
βœ… -New IXP Ports in Barcelona done 10.23

πŸ”œ -Additional Tier-1 IP Transit in Houston
πŸ”œ -Additional Tier-1 IP Transit in Kansas
πŸ”œ -Additional Tier-1 IP Transit in Toronto
βœ… -Core Router upgrades across all POPs

πŸ”œ -IXP Peering in Singapore